IWMF Connections: Muslim Culture in America Today


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IWMF Connections: Muslim Culture in America Today

Connections, an audio documentary, focuses on contemporary Muslim culture in America from fashion to food to hip hop and opera as we look at the myriad ways contemporary Muslim culture has mixed and melded with American culture.

Connections: Muslim Culture in America Today
Mariam Sobh

Our dynamic host is Mariam Sobh, a Muslim journalist and stand-up comedian. The program, while often funny and entertaining, provides a critical look at how American Muslims have been represented in the culture, and how narratives are changing as young Muslims take control of their own stories.

Special Guests Include:

  • Rhiannon Giddens, musician and member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, discusses her deeply held convictions around racism, discrimination, and the history of slavery including an exclusive first listen of new music from her opera, Omar, based on the life of Omar Ibn Said, an enslaved Muslim-African man.
  • The Reminders, a hip hop/roots band and Rahim Alhaj, an oud musician, share their messages of social justice and peace through their music and their reflections on how music can be illuminating.

Connections was written and produced by Beverley Abel. Edited by Leda Hartman. Tina Mack is the Sound Engineer. Distributed by American Public Media. 

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